Bauernfeld Prize

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The Bauernfeld Prize is an Austrian literary prize that was awarded from 1894 to 1923 in honor of Eduard von Bauernfeld for important stage plays.

Award winner (incomplete)


The satirist and cultural critic Karl Kraus teased in his gloss I have read : “[…] For many years, in addition to the jesters ' evening of the men's choir , the Gschnas festival of the artists' cooperative and the fools ' evening of the Schubertbund, the distribution of the Bauernfeld Prize has been one of the carnival entertainments in which the humor of the Viennese population cannot do enough with great capers and exuberant ideas. In particular, the distribution of the Farmer's Field Prize, in which the youth conquered the right to dance and the cheerful masking reaches its climax, exerts an attraction that has not diminished over the years as the traditional opportunity to develop cheerfulness and cheerfulness. The joke is organized by Mr. Minor, professor of literary history, Ritter von Stadler, section head in the Ministry of Education, director Gregori, editor Kalbeck and lawyer Weissel. The prizes are distributed in such a way that the very best are always selected by those who do not need it and those who cannot help it and are presented for general enjoyment, be it as the neediest or the most important poets of the year. Poverty and talent are honored in a sense that does justice to the carnival obligations, in that the judges, for the sake of simplification, remove those from the mass of participants who are predestined by talent poverty. [...] "

Individual evidence

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