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In hip-hop jargon, beef means an aggressive dispute between two rappers , often supported by other artists on their record label , which is openly carried out via the media and especially via the music releases of both parties.

Although beefs are mostly limited to purely verbal mutual insults ( disses ), they sometimes escalate into actual physical assaults. The most famous beef in hip hop history was the East Coast versus West Coast conflict in the 1990s. The unexplained drive-by murders of the two warring rappers 2Pac and The Notorious BIG may have been the direct result of this beef.

Beefs are relatively common in hip-hop culture, but they are controversial. Some see it as a bad role model for younger listeners and warn of possible escalations. The verbal fight ( battle rap ) is an elementary component of hip-hop culture, which often drives those involved to top musical performances. However, a beef undoubtedly increases the sales figures of the albums and mixtapes of both parties and is therefore also an effective marketing strategy . So the beef between Bushido and Sido increased media interest in the record labels Aggro Berlin and Ersguterjunge and thus most likely also their sales figures. It is noticeable that commercially successful rappers like Bushido, Sido or Fler can settle long-term feuds for a short time and forge alliances against third parties.

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