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A contribution is a financial , ideal or material achievement that someone contributes to something with which one participates in something. For example, you pay contributions in the form of money , but you can also participate in a discussion with contributions.

Contributions to a publication (newspaper, trade journal or compilation ) are also called articles ; The written version of a lecture submitted for a conference proceedings is also called a presented paper . In the electronic media , articles are often part of a magazine broadcast .

A contribution in public law is also understood to be one of the four main types of charges in addition to fees , taxes and special charges .

Public levy

Definition and examples

Public law burdens

Contributions are levied as a public law fee for the provision of a special consideration, namely for the fact that the possibility of using special facilities or taking advantage of special advantages is made available. They are charged regardless of the actual use of the service.

On the other hand, fees under public law are levied for the specific use of a service, taxes are levied solely to generate income, with no claim to consideration.

Examples of such contributions are the development fee and the tuition fee (usually legally imprecisely referred to as the tuition fee).

Compulsory contribution

Many contributors feel the obligation to pay contributions without actually using a service as a compulsory contribution , so that this is formulated in comments on contributions or in legal disputes. Legally, it always remains that a contribution must ultimately be made.


In insurance , the premium ( insurance premium ) is the amount that the policyholder pays to receive insurance benefits. The posted contributions are thus the counterpart to the sales revenues of industrial and trading companies .

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