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Ethnic groups (simplified map) in Pakistan and neighboring countries according to data from the CIA (1980). Settlement area of ​​the Baluch

A Baluchi girl in traditional costume in Pakistan holds a long-necked damburag in her hand.

The Baluch are a people who are native to Afghanistan , Iran and Pakistan . The Baloch language is one of the Iranian languages .


The majority of the total of around 5.6 million Baluchis live in the Pakistani province of Balochistan, with the exception of the seven northernmost districts, around one million in eastern Iran and around 100,000 in the southern and western outskirts of Afghanistan. There are also Baluchi settlement islands in southern Turkmenistan (Marv region) as well as in Oman and the emirate of Dubai .


The Baluch speak Baluch and profess almost exclusively Sunni Islam of the Hanafi direction , in addition to which local religious traditions have been preserved. The traditional music is mainly cultivated by professional traveling musicians who accompany their songs melodically on the saroz string lute and rhythmically on the plucked long-necked damburag lute . Entertainment songs ( sawt ), which are sung at weddings and other family celebrations, have an important part in the musical culture . Solo improvisations on the saroz are called baggay .


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