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Beth ( בית) is the second letter in the Hebrew alphabet . In modern Hebrew, Beth is spoken at the beginning of the syllable after the consonant and at the beginning of the word as [b] (in dotted notation with a point ( Dagesch ) in the middle of the letter), otherwise as [v]. It has the numerical value  2. The Torah begins with the letterב.


The beth is a consonant that is derived from the stylized representation of the floor plan of a house (beth = house). The Greek beta was developed from this Aramaic letter, although it was aligned to the right by changing the direction of the writing . This in turn created the Latin B .


  1. בית לחם Bethlehem : "House of Bread"
  2. בנימין Benjamin : "Son of my rights"
  3. בעל Ba'al : "Lord", "Owner"
  4. ברוך Baruch , male first name: "Blessed"
  5. ברק Barak , male first name: "Blitz"
  6. בר־תלמי Bartalmai , Bartholomäus , Aramaic loan word: "Son of Talmai"

Use in math

With designated Beth number is in the set theory to enumerate certain cardinal numbers used.

Character encoding

Unicode codepoint U + 05D1
HTML & # 1489;
ISO 8859-8 0xe1

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