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Chet ( חית) is the eighth letter in the Hebrew alphabet . It has the numerical value  8. In ancient Hebrew, Chet denoted a voiceless pharyngeal fricative and is sometimes still pronounced that way by Israelis of oriental origin. The sound does not exist in German. In the standard pronunciation of modern Hebrew , the sound (under Yiddish and Jewish-Spanish influence) coincides with the fricative, which is written as kaph , because it continues the post-vowel pronunciation of / k / in ancient Hebrew. This is spoken as a voiceless guttural sound deep in the throat, similar to the “ch” in the word “Koch” (ie as a voiceless uvular fricative ).

In the Greek alphabet it was the vowel Eta , in Latin the consonant  H .

The academic transliteration of Chet is “ ” (“h” with period below).


  • חַוָּהḤavah 'the animated' ( Eve ) from the root חוה ,Life'
  • חַנָּהḤanah ( Hannah , Anna ) fromחֵן ḥen 'grace'
  • חֲבַקּוּקḤawakuk ( Habakuk ), biblical prophet

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Unicode codepoint U + 05D7
HTML & # 1495;
ISO 8859-8 0xE7

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