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Hey ( הא) is the fifth letter in the Hebrew alphabet . It has the numerical value  5. He is spoken as a voiced approach (h). In modern spoken Iwrit he is almost mute. At the end of the word, He serves as a mater lectionis ; if this is not the case, it is indicated by Mappiq , a point inside the letter. The upper right corner of the letter can be pointed or round; in contrast to the minimal pairר : דthe grapheme is therefore underspecified in this regard. The same applies to the letter Kaph finale .


The He is a consonant from which the Greek vowel epsilon and the Latin E are derived. The shape of the original Phoenician letter is probably derived from the stylized representation of a person screaming in pain or joy with raised hands.


  • הבל Abel (hével = breath, nothing)
  • הושע Hosea (hošía = help!)
  • הילל Hillel (hillel = to praise)

Character encoding

Unicode codepoint U + 05D4
HTML & # 1492;
ISO 8859-8 0xE4

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