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Zajin (זין) is the seventh letter in the Hebrew alphabet . There is also the spelling Zayin , which is more common in the Anglo-Saxon area, Sajin or Zayn . The letter has the numerical value 7. Zajin is spoken in today's Iwrit as a voiced S (as in "sun"). The Greek letter Zeta and thus also the Latin Z is derived from this letter.

The word Zajin means "sword", which was the original meaning of this sign in the picture script. The shape of the letter still suggests a sword.


  • זבוב (zwuw): fly
  • זין (zajin): sword
  • זיכרון (zikaron): memory, memory, memory

Character encoding

Unicode codepoint U + 05d6
HTML & # 1494;
ISO 8859-8 0xe6

Special features, reference

The word zajin is also a "vulgar form" for penis .

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