Bettingberg tunnel

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Bettingberg tunnel
Bettingberg tunnel
Northeast portal of the Bettingberg tunnel
use formerly railroad
length 730 m
Number of tubes 1
Bettingberg Tunnel (Bavaria)
Red pog.svg
Red pog.svg
Northeast portal 49 ° 46 ′ 44 "  N , 9 ° 33 ′ 24"  E
Southwest portal 49 ° 46 ′ 37 "  N , 9 ° 32 ′ 49"  E
Southwest portal

The Bettingberg Tunnel is a now unused railway tunnel on the Lohr – Wertheim line . The length of the tunnel is 730 meters. The tunnel is a listed building .


The North East portal located in the area of the district Kreuzwertheim market Kreuzwertheim at 165  m above sea level. NN (location) at km 32.3. After about 190 meters, the tunnel comes under the Trennfeld district of the Triefenstein market . After about another 480 meters, it comes back under the Kreuzwertheim district for about 70 meters and ends at the southwest portal at 160  m above sea level. NN (location) .


Construction of the tunnel began in 1879 and was completed in October 1881. From a spring in the Bettingberg tunnel, a supply line for the water supply of the city of Wertheim was built by 1882 . In 1976 the line through the tunnel was closed. A stone lion's head is attached above both portals.

Todays use

After the abandonment of rail traffic, the tunnel was used by Mercedes-Benz as a test site for the track bus for some time . However, there was a fire, which is why this research was given up there. There are still traces of fire in the bent tunnel as well as the concrete sidewalk concreted by Mercedes-Benz in the western part up to the partition wall in the middle.

For some time there was a plan to convert the tunnel as a cycle path from Kreuzwertheim to Trennfeld . Opening the tunnel for hikers and tourists was also discussed between the community and nature conservation associations. However, this was rejected again because the building, as an important wintering site for pug bats , is not accessible from October to May.


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