Pug bats

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Pug bats
(Western) pug bat (Barbastella barbastellus)

(Western) pug bat ( Barbastella barbastellus )

Order : Bats (chiroptera)
Superfamily : Smooth-nosed (Vespertilionoidea)
Family : Smooth-nosed (Vespertilionidae)
Subfamily : True smooth-nosed (Vespertilioninae)
Tribe : Plecotini
Genre : Pug bats
Scientific name
Gray , 1821

The pug bats ( Barbastella ) are a species of bat from the smooth-nosed family (Vespertilionidae). The genus includes three species that are common in Eurasia and the Mediterranean . The best known is the (western) pug bat ( Barbastella barbastellus ). The genus is not to be confused with another bat genus represented in Africa and Asia with the scientific name Pug from the family of bulldog bats , for which there is no German name.

Pug bats owe their name to the special shape of their face: the nostrils open upwards, the conspicuously arched ears are short, wide and grown together at the base. The long, soft fur is dark brown or black in color, with the underside being a little lighter. These bats reach a head body length of 43 to 60 millimeters, a tail length of 40 to 55 millimeters and a weight of 6 to 13 grams.

Like most bats, they are nocturnal, they sleep on trees, in crevices in the tree bark or in buildings during the day. To hibernate, they retreat to caves, and sometimes they migrate to warmer areas. Their flight is described as slow and fluttering. Pug bats feed on insects such as beetles , moths, and mosquitoes .

There are three types:


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