Actually smooth noses

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Actually smooth noses
(European) two-colored bat (Vespertilio murinus)

(European) two-colored bat ( Vespertilio murinus )

Subclass : Higher mammals (Eutheria)
Superordinate : Laurasiatheria
Order : Bats (chiroptera)
Superfamily : Smooth-nosed (Vespertilionoidea)
Family : Smooth-nosed (Vespertilionidae)
Subfamily : Actually smooth noses
Scientific name
Gray , 1821

The real smooth noses (Vespertilioninae) are a group of bats from the family of smooth noses (Vespertilionidae). This group, which may not be monophyletic , includes over 40 genera.


The following morphological properties are mentioned as diagnostic features of the Vespertilioninae: the second finger bone of the third finger is about as long as the first or longer, but never reaches twice the length of the first. The ears are not funnel-shaped. The tragus (ear cover) is short and blunt or long and narrow, but never pointed. There are fewer than six molars in the upper jaw .

Internal system

44 genera belong to the actual smooth noses, which are grouped into seven tribes:

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