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Beverly Shaffer (born May 8, 1945 in Montreal ) is a Canadian director and producer . With her documentary - short film I'll Find a Way she won an Oscar .

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Beverly Shaffer graduated from McGill University with a degree in comparative religion and philosophy , which she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1967 . She then worked as a high school teacher for two years. In 1971 she earned a Masters Degree in Film from Boston University . She then worked for the Boston TV education channel WGBH-TV , which is part of the Public Broadcasting Service chain, until 1976 . There she did research for the program The Reporters and worked as a production assistant for the children's series Zoom , the popular science series Nova and The Advocates .

In 1975 Shaffer took up a position in Studio D on the National Film Board of Canada , for which she produced films for the next 25 years. She first made ten contributions for the Direct Cinema series Children of Canada . This also included her short documentary I'll Find a Way about a girl with spina bifida , which won an Oscar in 1978 in the Best Short Film category. More documentaries followed.

Shaffer's one-hour documentary To a Safer Place (1987), which takes up the topic of incest and was first broadcast on the PBS TV show Frontline , sparked controversy . In it, an adult woman reports on years of abuse by her father, which she was only able to end by escaping from her parents' home at the age of 14, because no one believed her. The documentary has also been shown on the BBC and CBC , has won multiple awards and has been used by social workers.

In the 1990s, Shaffer produced seven episodes of the Children of Jerusalem series about Israeli and Palestinian children and a sequel to I'll Find a Way entitled Just a Wedding , in which the girl portrayed gets married. At Just a Wedding , she used re-enactment scenes to create dramatic effects.

Her last film, Mr. Mergler's Gift , was released in 2005. The short documentary is about a dying piano teacher and his last student.


  • 1972: Zoom (TV series)
  • 1975: My Friends Call Me Tony
  • 1975: My Name Is Susan Yee
  • 1977: Beautiful Lennard Island
  • 1977: Gurdeep Singh Bains
  • 1977: Kevin Alec
  • 1977: Veronica
  • 1977: I'll Find a Way
  • 1977: Beautiful Lennard Island
  • 1978: Benoît
  • 1981: Julie O'Brien
  • 1982: It's Just Better
  • 1983: I Want to Be an Engineer
  • 1985: Discussions in Bioethics: Who Should Decide?
  • 1987: To a Safer Place
  • 1989: Half the Kingdom
  • 1992: Children of Jerusalem: Yacoub
  • 1994: Children of Jerusalem: Yehudah
  • 1994: Children of Jerusalem: Tamar
  • 1994: Children of Jerusalem: Neveen
  • 1994: Children of Jerusalem: Ibrahim
  • 1994: Children of Jerusalem: Gesho
  • 1994: Children of Jerusalem: Asya
  • 1999: Just a Wedding
  • 2002: To my birthmother
  • 2005: Mr. Mergler's Gift

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