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Resident parking , resident parking or resident parking is a measure of parking space management in which special rules apply in car parking spaces for people who live nearby.

Situation in Germany

Resident parking permit in Bavaria (example Lindau; colors vary)

Residential parking (formerly: residents' parking) is provided for in Germany by the Road Traffic Act and regulated in detail in the Road Traffic Act. So residents have the option of a road vehicle for over a longer period of time on a specific parking space to park . Either a stopping ban with exceptions for residents (so-called negative signs) or parking spaces that are reserved for residents with additional signs (so-called positive signs) can be set up there. This requires a parking permit , which the respective resident must apply to the competent authority of the municipality. Fees must be paid for the exhibition . The parking permit will be issued if it can be proven that the parking space to which the application relates is located in the vicinity of the registered place of residence. Evidence is often required that there is no private parking space . The vehicle listed on the resident's parking permit is then allowed to park in the respective signposted area. The ID must be clearly legible from the outside and be in the prescribed position inside the vehicle.

Renaming to residents' park

Sign for residents' parking in Mannheim , the letters "An" were pasted over with "Be"

In May 1998, the practice of assigning large residential parking zones, as it had been more common in large cities until then, was declared unlawful by the Federal Administrative Court . The reason for this was that the "term of the resident [...] requires a close spatial connection between the home and the parking space". As a rule, residents' parking zones should not have extended over “more than two to three streets”. The corresponding legal basis for the arrangement of extensive parking privileges for residents was therefore not in place. The legislature then changed the Road Traffic Act and replaced the term “residents” with “residents”. As a result, the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing changed the road traffic regulations accordingly. In order to take account of the renaming, all "residents" nationwide had to be changed to "residents" signs. In many places this was done for cost reasons by simply pasting the letters “An” with “Be”.

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