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The Bierbrunnenfest is a city ​​festival that is celebrated annually in August in the city of Lübbecke in the Minden-Lübbecke district , North Rhine-Westphalia .


Beer fountain on the market square

The beer fountain festival was first celebrated in 1954 . The brewer Ernst-Ludwig Barre had the idea to set up a fountain that once a year would give everyone a thousand liters of Lübbecker beer.

The idea was put into practice and sealed with a certificate:

“The Barre family, Lübbecke, is donating a beer fountain to the city ​​of Lübbecke in Westphalia in honor of the brewery owner Ernst Ludwig Barre (* 1881 ; † 1937 ), which will be inaugurated on August 29 , with warm good wishes and a request to this foundation to preserve and cherish with honor. On the Sunday following August 12th , the birthday of the deceased, barre beer will be served free of charge to everyone from the beer fountain from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Lübbecke, August 12, 1954 "

The document was signed by the Barre family, the mayor, the city director and the city representatives of the city of Lübbecke.

In 1954 Lübbecke celebrated its first “Beer Fountain Day” with thousands of guests. Gambrinus was enthroned in front of the fountain , and brewers in old guild dress tapped beer in mugs, mugs and glasses for seven hours to the heart of the music. The "Beer Fountain Day" has been a cherished tradition in Lübbecke and East Westphalia for years.

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