Binge watching

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Under binge-watching or binge viewing (Engl. = Binge binge), even coma staring or series Marathon called, refers to the look of several episodes of a television series at a time. In 2015, the Collins English Dictionary declared binge watching word of the year.

This is a cultural trend that is particularly favored by the increasing popularity and availability of video-on-demand offers, which enable viewers to view video material via a stream at any time on request . In contrast to linear television , in which the program is specified by the television broadcaster and typically the episodes of a season are spread over several months, with video-on-demand offers several episodes can be viewed one after the other.

Binge watching has been possible since the invention of the video cassette and also through the publication of complete series seasons on DVD , but the individual episodes were previously broadcast on television. Binge watching is particularly relevant when video-on-demand providers such as Netflix or Prime Video publish all episodes of a season for the premiere at the same time and cliffhangers are largely circumvented.

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