Bjarkey Gunnarsdóttir

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Bjarkey Olsen Gunnarsdóttir (born February 27, 1965 in Reykjavík ) is an Icelandic politician ( left-green movement ).

Bjarkey is an elementary school teacher, study and career counselor . She was a member of the local council of Fjallabyggð and has been a member of the Icelandic parliament Althing for the north-eastern constituency since the Icelandic parliamentary election on April 27, 2013 . She is a member of the Parliament's Committee on Budget (since 2013) and the Committee on Judicial Affairs and Education (since 2014). In 2014 she became deputy parliamentary group leader of the Left-Green movement; In 2017 she took over the chairmanship of the parliamentary group from Svandís Svavarsdóttir, who had moved to the state government .

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