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Bjarne Kreutzmann (born March 4, 1943 in Maniitsoq ) is a Greenland politician and police officer .


Bjarne Kreutzmann is the son of Lauritz Kreutzmann and his wife Dorthe Heilmann († 1985). On September 11, 1965, he married the Danish Bodil Hou (* 1945).

He graduated from secondary school in 1964, attended the police school in Copenhagen and worked as a police officer in Maniitsoq, Qullissat , Skagen , Vordingborg and Nuuk .

In 1979 he was a co-founder of Atassut and from that year sat on the council of the Nuuk municipality . From 1985 to 1989 he was mayor there, the first year of which was interim. After he had left Atassut in 1988, he founded the Akulliit Partiiat in 1991 , for which he was able to move into Inatsisartut in the following two elections .

He was not only active as a politician, but also as a football coach and hobby mineralogist. He coached the youth teams of B-67 Nuuk for decades and traveled with them many times to tournaments in Denmark. For this commitment he was awarded two sports prizes. As a mineralogist, he has been collecting minerals from Greenland since 1970 and offering mineral excursions for tourists. He is also an honorary citizen of Tucson , the venue for the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show .

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