Black Beauty (1972)

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Television series
German title Black Beauty
Original title The Adventures of Black Beauty
Country of production England
original language English
Year (s) 1972-1974
length 25 minutes
Episodes 52 in 2 seasons
genre adventure
idea Anna Sewell
music Denis King
First broadcast September 23, 1972 on ITV
first broadcast
September 8, 1974 on German television

Black Beauty is a British adventure series filmed from 1972 to 1974, which is broadly based on the novel Black Beauty (original: Black Beauty - The Autobiography of a Horse ) by the British writer Anna Sewell . With this, her only work, she wanted to draw attention to the fate of utility horses in England in the 19th century. The television series consists of 52 episodes of 25 minutes each in two seasons. In Germany, the first 26 episodes were broadcast on ARD from September 1974 , and the second season on ZDF .


The black stallion Black Beauty belongs to the household of the widowed Victorian country doctor Dr. James Gordon after his children Vicky and Kevin found it sick in a nearby forest and nursed it back to health. In these first 26 episodes, besides Black Beauty, Vicky is the heroine, who has to master many adventures and dangerous situations with her animal friend.

Starting in 1973, Vicky Gordon suddenly became Jenny Gordon at the beginning of the second season. The reason for this was the fact that Judy Bowker could not get along with the main actor, the horse, and the resulting difficulties became an obstacle to filming. Therefore Bowker was exchanged for Dorning. The series was filmed at Stockers Farm in the London suburb of Rickmansworth .

DVD release

The series was first released on DVD on July 2, 2007 as part of the DVD series TV Kult in Germany. The first DVD edition begins with episode 27 of the series, in which Stacy Dorning took on the female lead, while the original first episode with Judi Bowker can be found in the seventh DVD box.


From 1990 until 1991 26 more episodes under the title were in England and New Zealand The New Adventures of Black Beauty ( New Adventures of Black Beauty ) produced. Jenny, now grown up and also a veterinarian, runs with her father, Dr. Gordon, a farm in the country. Jenny owns a new stallion, whom she also called Black Beauty in memory of her former companion . The German emigrant Manfred Grünwald and the young Vicky Denning also live on the farm.

From 1991 to 1992, a further 26 episodes were created in Australia as a sequel to The New Adventures of Black Beauty , which were broadcast in German as Black Beauty in Australia . In it, the orphan Bella is rescued on the coast of Australia after a shipwreck by a black stallion and then has more adventures with him.

Further films

Even before the series was released, there had been a few cinema strips: in 1921 Hollywood directors David Smith and Edward H. Griffith each made a silent film based on the novel, followed by a sound film by Phil Rosen in 1933 , and in 1946 Max Nosseck's version was released because of the music by Dimitri Tiomkin is considered by many to be the most successful interpretation of the novel. James Hill filmed the subject in the early 1970s with Mark Lester , Uschi Glas and Walter Slezak , among others , which was released in German cinemas in 1971 with the title “Black Beauty - In Search of Happiness”. In 1978 a five-part miniseries was created, in which the plot was moved to Maryland , USA .

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