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DJ Rick Ski (1999) in the Schlachthof Hamburg

The flash mob was an international hip-hop - collaboration , which by brothers Michael (Future Rock) and Detlef Rick (Rick Ski) 1989 in Cologne was founded. It was founded around the bands and MCs of the label Blitz Vinyl, also founded by Future Rock and Rick Ski . The following artists and bands were involved: Äi-Tiem , CUS, LSD, Torch , KAOS (USA), STF, First Down (Great Britain), Storm, Sebastian Greenberg aka SBG (France), Fader Gladiator , Future Rock, Boulevard Bou and D2 (D Tex Law and DJ Jenz). The first release was the EP of the same name , which was released in 1993 as both a 12 '' vinyl and an MCD. Äi-Tiem, KAOS, LSD, CUS and SBG were represented at this. Rick Ski and Future Rock released the probably first German disstrack of all time with no warning . Together they joined the popular in the 1990s streetball tournaments of Adidas with their jams on. Tours with bands and artists such as Gunshot , Hijack and Tim Dog followed .

The only released album The Organization , which appeared on Blitz Vinyl in 1995 , features 25 artists from four nations. With the title song, it contains one of the longest German-language hip-hop songs with a length of 18:06 minutes. The album was a kind of sampler on which the artists came together in different constellations. In 1995 Future Rock left Blitz Vinyl, which practically ushered in the end of the supergroup. In 1996 the label lost money. However, Fader Gladiator and Future Rock continued to operate the “Blitzlabor” recording studio.

In 2016 the group got together again for a new edition of the No Ignorance Jam in Cologne under the name "Blitz Mob All Stars".


Standalone publications
  • 1993: Blitz Mob EP (12`` / MCD, Blitz Vinyl)
  • 1995: The Organization (2xLP / CD, Blitz Vinyl)
Sampler tracks & guest contributions
  • 1993: Rap aces in action on The Cook Monster (Yo Mama's Recording)
  • 1995: Survival on Life Is Too Short For Boring Music Volume VII ( EFA )
  • 2002: The organization and rap aces in action on hits & rarities 1991 - 2002 by Fader Gladiator (LaCosaMia)

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