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A classic boat hook

A boat hook or boat hook is a rod or handle with a hook at the end. In contrast to the grappling hook as a means of attack, it is mainly used to fish objects or people out of the water or to pull yourself - including the boat - towards other boats or the pier. With the tip you can push yourself off the jetty. In the Low German language, the boat hook is also called "peek hook" (peek = prick / point, ie "hook with a point").

Another use is the handling (fastening or loosening) of a mooring line on dolphins or bollards one to two meters away .

Boat hooks are also used in sailing, for example, the spinnaker or genoa should be streamlined short or vang with a neck to be stretched more. There are models in which the end of a paddle is designed as a boat hook, this design is popular on small dinghies.


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