Borussia 09 Welzow

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Borussia Welzow
Basic data
Surname SV Borussia Welzow 09 eV
Seat Welzow , Brandenburg
founding 1909
Colours black yellow
First soccer team
Venue Alfred Scholz arena
Places 7000
league 1st district class South Niederlausitz
2015/16 3rd place

The SV Borussia 09 Welzow is a German sports club from Welzow in the Spree-Neisse district . The football department is a successor to the BSG activist Welzow , home to the Alfred Scholz arena .

Football section

Logo of the BSG activist Welzow

Borussia Welzow was founded in 1909 and played in the championships of the Brandenburg Ball Game Association and the Workers' Gymnastics and Sports Association until 1933 . When the National Socialists came to power, the workers' association was dissolved, and the club from Niederlausitz did not achieve any sporting success.

In 1945 the club was re-established under the name SG Welzow . The loose sports group was renamed ZSG Welzow (1949) again until 1951, as well as when the local open-cast lignite mine started operating as BSG Aktivist Welzow (1951). For one season Welzow played in the state class Brandenburg (SBZ) and was one of the founding members of the third-class district league Cottbus, founded in 1952 . In the previous season the Brandenburgers had just failed to gain promotion to Chemie Schwarzheide and Lok Cottbus , but in 1958 they won the Cottbus district championship ahead of Motor Finsterwalde-Süd and were promoted to the 2nd GDR league . The third highest division of the GDR turned out to be a number too big for activists , the BSG rose relatively without a chance after only one season back in the Cottbus district league area.

In the following period, Welzow held the district league with brief interruptions until 1973, but then sank into the insignificance of GDR football. In 1990 the club returned to its historic name Borussia and has since been active in local football in southern Brandenburg without exception.