Branislav Lukic Luka

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Branislav Lukic Luka

Branislav Lukić Luka (born March 31, 1970 in Tuzla ) is a multimedia artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina


Luka learned the handicraft from the Sarajev artists Mirsad Džombić and Vladimir Vojnović . As a painter, he has had 30 independent and over 100 group exhibitions in his own country and abroad. His poems were also published in magazines, as well as in collective collections such as B. Dunavski Dragulji (Danube Jewels), More na dlanu (Sea on the palm of your hand), Tebi pjesma za Valentinovo (A song for you on Valentine's Day ), Antology of Facebook poets , Garavi sokak (poetic international manifestation in Serbia ).

His poetry has been translated into English , Russian , Polish , Slovenian and Arabic .  

He is a participant in many international artist colonies , festivals, literary and poetic meetings at home and abroad. As a photographer , he also worked with publishers , printers and the media . He exhibited his photographs independently and collectively and participates in many workshops and camps for photographers.

He is the designer and editor of the poetry books - “Man with the shine of Una in his eyes - Amarildo Mulić”, “If I were a river”, “Waiting for the foreseeable future”, “Time of the brave”, “My dream of grandma "," Development of creativity and prevention of behavior disorders (preschool children) "," Positions of Bosnian-Herzegovinian citizens towards knowledge about the activity of the BiH diaspora in the world and in BiH itself "and" A spark in the ashes ".

Branislav Lukić Luka in the studio

He was a member of Alarm from Tuzla . With Neven Tunjić he is the founder of the band DJ Luka Frank . He is also one of the founders of the internet portal and weekly printed medium Lukavac Today , founder of the design studio LuDe Art Studiogallerie and the INDA print shop in Lukavac . Furthermore, he is a member of many artist groups at home and abroad, founder and sponsor of the Lucido group and one of the founders of ULUTK ( Tuzlakanton's artists' association). For his artistic work he has received awards in the fields of painting, photography and poetry. He currently lives and works in the Balkans


  • Homesickness (homesickness) - January 1994–1997, cycle of multimedia projects
  • Time of the Hunters - May 1998
  • Repel the dictated imagination of the world - October 1998 
  • High hopes in the identity crisis - April 1999
  • Generations - July 2000
  • Civilization under masks - June 2006 (joint project by Jasmin Maga and Branislav Lukić Luka).
  • Movement of Bosnian Behars - 2007 - (The project is still ongoing, it will be realized through various artistic performances, exhibitions, a cycle of books consisting of poetry and photos of Bosnian models).
  • Scream through a silk cobweb - 2009 (Joint project by Branislav Lukić Luka, Denis Dugonjić and Jasmin Mujanović Mag)
  • Mosaic of morning and night - 2011 (joint project by Branislav Lukić Luka and Denis Dugonjić) 
    Branislav Lukić Luka, statement to the media
"International Culture Festival" Kranj 2013. "Wanking the dog's leg", author Branislav Lukić Luka


  • Another century of fun (joint project by Jasmin Mag, Damir Nezirović and Branislav Lukić Luka) - Dom mladih (youth center) Tuzla, 1999
  • Get away, you bunch! - Dom mladih (youth center) Tuzla, 2001
  • Wanking the dog's leg - Lucido, Alternative Underground Balkan , 2004Дркање цуки ноге - Луцидо, алтернативе ундергроунд Балкан, 2004. године.
  • Scream through a spider web made of silk (joint poetry collection of 9 authors from the Balkans) - INDA GmbH Lukavac, 2009
  • Movement of Bosnian Behars (book cycle, consisting of poetry and photos of Bosnian models) - INDA GmbH Lukavac, first book from the cycle was published in 2009 

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  1. Wanking the dog's leg Дркање цуки ноге .