Roast set

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Pan with drippings (here for the roast meat)

Gravy or gravy is formed when frying , especially of meat from a mixture of fat and meat juices escaping. The Maillard reaction creates characteristic aromas and colors from protein and carbohydrates , which are important for the production of brown sauces .

Roast sediment is already created when frying, its formation can be supported by adding small, carbohydrate-rich root vegetables such as carrots , celery , onions , etc., whereby caramel is also formed. The process is ended by extinguishing - adding water, broth , wine or something similar - before the roast burns. The roast set is loosened and the fat can emulsify from the meat due to the gelatine that is also contained when the liquid is beaten.

A defatted sauce made from degreased roast is called gravy . It can be bound by adding butter or cream .