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A bowl of Brimsen

Brimsen ( bryndza in Polish and Slovak ) is a salted cream cheese made from sheep's milk , which is now mainly produced in Slovakia , Poland and Romania . However, this name was borrowed from the Slavic languages ​​from the Romanian brânză (handed down as brençe from the year 1356) in the sense of "Romanian cheese" ( caseus vlachiscus ). In many of the successor states of the Soviet Union it is common under the name brynza (брынза) .


Brim cheese is a specialty from the Carpathian Mountains . Originally from Transylvania , it came to Slovakia between the 14th and 17th centuries, probably as part of the colonization of northern Slovakia by Wallachians . The first industrial plant for production was founded in Detva , central Slovakia in 1787 . Since then it has been made in Slovakia and has spread to neighboring areas.


Pure sheep's milk is used for the traditional Brimsen. In the case of other varieties, it is partly made from cow's milk. The production of Brimsen is comparable to that of Quark . In contrast, it is salted and poured into small wooden barrels.

With the addition of rennet , the mixture is curdled in a cheese kettle. The clot is hand-crumbled as carefully as possible to remove the whey . The curd is immediately clumped into a lump and wrapped in towels that are hung up to drain. Then the curd is kneaded, salted and crushed. The mass comes to mature in wooden barrels in a damp and cool room. For brim cheese, maturity means when it has become spreadable (like an ointment) and has retained its typical piquant taste. Brimsen is only produced and offered during a few months of the year (March to September). As with any cream cheese, its shelf life is limited, but fans also appreciate it when it has matured.


Slovak brim nocks

Brimsen is an essential ingredient for real Liptauer and Brimsennocken ( bryndzové halušky ), the Slovak national dish .

In Romania a similar feta cheese is known there, it is about in Transylvania inter alia for browning of noodles ( Pranz geschniddan Diech ) or polenta ( Paleckes mat Pranz used).

Protected designation of origin

Both in Slovakia and Poland, the Brimsen is registered as slovenská bryndza or Bryndza Podhalańska by the EU Commission with its protected designation of origin .

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