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A bowl of Liptauer

Liptauer is a spicy spread from the Slovak and Austrian cuisine . It is a typical part of the menu at the Heurigen or Buschenschank. The name is derived from the Slovak region of Liptov . In Hungary the Liptauer is called Liptói túró or Körözött , in Slovakia the spread is known as Liptovská nátierka or officially bryndzová nátierka (brimse spread) or šmirkás (from the German smear cheese), in Czech: Liptovská pomazánka .


Liptauer is defined in the Austrian food code as a cheese made from saucepans with butter or cream and with the addition of flavoring ingredients (mostly paprika, onions and caraway seeds). Brimsen is often used in domestic production , a salted cream cheese made from sheep's milk that is still used today in Slovakia and Poland (under the name Bryndza), in Romania (there under the name Brânză) and in Hungary (there under the name liptói túró) will be produced. The deleted through a sieve Brimsen (or alternatively, plugs or quark) is reacted with an equal part foamy stirred butter stirred to form a cream and in the original, farm form with red pepper , caraway , pepper and grated onion flavored. You only need to use salt if you replace the salty brimsen with an unsalted cream cheese or quark. In later times, capers , mustard , anchovies or anchovy paste as well as diced pickled cucumbers were added as a "bourgeois" refinement of the recipe . In some old recipes, bitter beer was one of the ingredients that was mixed with the cream. According to the cookbook of “classic Hungarian cuisine” ( George Lang ), in aristocratic circles in Hungary and in the elegant restaurants of the monarchy, the spread was garnished with house caviar . For the garnish you use some finely chopped chives , but often also the light green peppers cut into thin rings, which are typical for a Hungarian breakfast or a bacon snack . Liptauer is eaten as a spread or served as a dip.

Liptauer is available both homemade and as a finished product.

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