Bulabog Putian National Park

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Bulabog Putian National Park
Bulabog Putian National Park (Philippines)
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Coordinates: 11 ° 2 ′ 23.6 ″  N , 122 ° 39 ′ 39.6 ″  E
Location: Philippines
Specialty: Panay Island
Next city: Iloilo City ,
Surface: 8.54 km²
Founding: June 14, 1961
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The Bulabog Putian National Park is located on the island of Panay in the Philippines . It was established on June 14, 1961 with the entry into force of Decree 760 on an area of ​​8.54 km² in the province of Iloilo .

The national park is about 40 km north of Iloilo City in the area of ​​the municipalities of Dingle and San Enrique in a hilly area. The vegetation is determined by an evergreen rainforest, as it has become rare today in the flat areas on the island of Panay.

There are 37 caves in the national park that served as a refuge for the Filipino resistance fighters in the Spanish colonial era. Engravings and a written document that can still be viewed today were found in a cave.

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