Sagay Marine Reserve

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Sagay Marine Reserve
Sagay Marine Reserve (Philippines)
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Coordinates: 11 ° 0 ′ 8.6 ″  N , 123 ° 29 ′ 2.4 ″  E
Location: Philippines
Specialty: Negros
Next city: Sagay City
Surface: 325.52 km²
Founding: April 14, 2001
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The Sagay Marine Reserve is located in the waters of the Negros Occidental Province in the Philippines and covers an area of ​​325.52 km². It was established on April 14, 2001 when Presidential Decree 9106 came into force and is an annex to the NIPAS Act 1992 as a marine reserve .

The Marine Reserve is located on the north coast of Negros Island , in the Visayas Sea , along the coastline of Sagay City . In the area of ​​the marine reserve are several extensive coral reefs , the Carbin, Panal, Maca and the coral reefs that surround the island of Molocaboc. The ocean currents sometimes created small sandbanks on the coral banks . The coral banks are made up of 60 different types of hard and soft corals .

In the marine reserve there are 30 km² of extensive seagrass meadows made up of 10 different species. Five species of giant clams , 250 species of reef and deep-sea fish, five species of sea ​​turtles and also the endangered dugong have been observed. 78 species of algae and seaweed were also found.

On the coastline, extensive mangrove forests extend over an area of ​​5 km², of which 1 km² has been reforested. These are larger mudflats in front of them.

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