Western Visayas

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Western Visayas
Location of the Western Visayas district in the Philippines
Regional center Iloilo City
Residents 7,536,383
- population density 340 per km²
surface 12,352.5 km²
- provinces 5
- cities 3
- Municipalities 95
- Barangays 3,389
languages Cebuano , Tagalog , English ,
Hiligaynon , Kinaray-a , Aklanon

The Western Visayas are an administrative region in the center of the Philippines , they are known as Region VI . Its administrative center is Iloilo City , in the metropolitan area of ​​Metro Iloilo.


The Western Visayas comprise the entire islands of Panay and Guimaras . The administrative region covers a land area of ​​12,352.5 km², which includes many smaller islands such as Sicogon , Boracay , Pan de Azucar and the Gigantes Islands . The region just has no land border. In the north the region is bounded by the Sibuyan Sea , in the east by the Visayas Sea and the Guimaras Strait , in the west by the Sulu Sea . The main straits of the sea in the administrative region are the Guimaras Strait and the Jintotolo Canal .

Important river systems are the Panay and the Jalaur Rivers , these have their source in the Central Panay Mountains . The Aklan River forms the Kalibo Wetlands , it is the largest river delta in the region.

Until May 2015, the northern and western parts of Negros Island were also part of the Western Visayas region.

Archipelagos in the Western Visayas

Islands in the Western Visayas


The region is made up of the following five provinces :


The population of the Western Visayas is made up of a large number of smaller peoples. The main languages ​​are Cebuano and English , other regional languages ​​are Hiligaynon , Kinaray-a , Aklanon and Tagalog . The greatest population density is reached in Iloilo City and Roxas City .

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Coordinates: 10 ° 30 '  N , 122 ° 30'  E