Panay (island)

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Waters Pacific Ocean
Archipelago Philippines
Geographical location 11 ° 9 '  N , 122 ° 29'  E Coordinates: 11 ° 9 '  N , 122 ° 29'  E
Panay (Island) (Philippines)
Panay (island)
surface 12,297.1 km²
Highest elevation Madia-as
2117  m
Residents 3,420,000
278 inhabitants / km²
main place Iloilo City
Panay island map
Panay island map

Panay is an island in the Visayas archipelago , which belongs to the Philippines .


Panay has an area of ​​12,297.1 km² and about 3.42 million inhabitants. Aklanon, Hamtikan and Hiligaynon are spoken on the island .

Panay west of the Visayas Sea

The island has the shape of an east-facing triangle and measures more than 130 km in length and width. On the west coast extends the Central Panay Mountains running in north-south direction , the highest peak of which is Mount Madias at 2,117 meters above sea level. The mountains merge into a gently rolling landscape to the east, and vast plains stretch out along the coasts to the north and east . In the extreme northeast of the island lies the Bancal Bay , with the islands of Gigantes, Calagnaan and Sicogon in front of it. To the west of Bancal Bay, on the north coast, lies the large, sweeping Bay of Pilar . To the east of Panay is the island of Pan de Azucar , on which the 606 meter high mountain Manaphaga rises and forms a striking landmark. The island is crossed by a number of rivers such as the Aklan, Jalaur , Iloilo and Panay Rivers . At its mouth, near the city of Kalibo , the Aklan River forms a 250 km² river delta called the Kalibo wetland .

In the north it borders on the Sibuyan Sea , in the northeast on the Jintotolo Canal , in the east on the Visayas Sea , in the south on the Guimaras Strait and the Gulf of Panay , in the west on the Sulu Sea and in the northwest on the Tablas Road .

In the north are the Romblonen and Masbate , in the east Bantayan and the large island of Negros , in the south is the smaller island of Guimaras .

The northwestern peninsula of Panay has been completely protected since April 2002, it is known as the Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park . In the Bulabog-Putian National Park you can find out about the natural surroundings and the archaeological excavations on Panay Island.


It is divided into four provinces: Aklan , Antique , Capiz and Iloilo . The capital cities of the island - corresponding to the four provinces - are Kalibo , San Jose de Buenavista , Roxas City and Iloilo City . Panay has been a province of its own since March 10, 1917.

Panay belongs together with the islands of Semirara , the Caluya Islands , Boracay , Maniguin , Mararison , Batbatan , Binuluangan , Jintolo , Gigantes , Calagnaan , Sicogon , Anauayan and Guimaras to Western Visayas (Region VI).

Culture and sights


Santo Tomas de Villanueva Church in Miagao

The Church of Santo Tomas de Villanueva , built between 1787 and 1797 , a very well-preserved example of the so-called fortress baroque , stands at the highest point in the municipality of Miag-ao and is dedicated to St. Consecrated to Thomas von Villanova . She is also one of the most historic churches in the country and belongs since 1993 as part of the Baroque Churches of the Philippines for UNESCO - World Heritage Site


Panay Hornbill

There are places worth seeing on Panay: the offshore island of Boracay , Phaidon Beach, Bugang River and Malumpati Cold Spring in Pandan, Mararison, Batbatan and the Maniguin Islands, Buswang Beach, Hawili Falls, Danawan Cave, Panao Lake, Pula Waterfalls, Baybay Beach , Moro Towers, Suhot Spring, Anhawan Beach, Molo Church and Roca Encantada.

In the southwest there is the Sibalom Nature Park . The Panay monitor lizard and the panay hornbill live on the island .


Rice , coconut , bananas , abaka , wheat , mango , sugar and tobacco are Panay's agricultural products.

Gold , silver , copper , manganese , marble , coal , chrome , magnetite , china clay , salt , sand and stones occur in the form of mineral resources.


The island can be reached by plane or ferry. The old airport (which has now been converted into a shopping center) and the port for shipping traffic are located within Iloilo City . The airport Iloilo International Airport is located just north of the city. There is also an airport in Kalibo and in Caticlan , near the island of Boracay, the Godofredo P. Ramos Airport .

There are buses, jeepneys and so-called tricycles on the island .


The most famous legends surrounding the settlement of the island are the Maragtas legend and the legend about the Kalantiaw law , both legends are known all over the Philippines, even if there is a controversy about their authenticity .

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