Ilog-Hilabangan Watershed Forest Reserve

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Ilog-Hilabangan Watershed Forest Reserve
Ilog-Hilabangan Watershed Forest Reserve (Philippines)
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Coordinates: 9 ° 57 ′ 13.1 ″  N , 122 ° 57 ′ 39.6 ″  E
Location: Philippines
Specialty: Negros Occidental Province
Next city: Kabankalan City
Surface: 102.11 km²
Founding: June 28, 1990
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The Ilog-Hilabangan Watershed Forest Reserve is located on Negros Island , Philippines . The combined water and forest reserve was established on June 28, 1990 in the province of Negros Occidental . The reserve covers an area of ​​10,211 hectares, which is inland of the municipalities of Himamaylan City and Kabankalan City . It is located in the catchment area of the Ilog River , in the headwaters of the Hilabangan River, in a rugged mountain region whose peaks reach over 1,000 meters above sea level.

There are around 108 different species of trees in the nature reserve, including the Almon ( Shorea almon ), Apitong ( Dipterocarpus grandiflorus ), Bagtikan ( Parashorea malaanonan ), Red Lauan ( Shorea negronensis ), While Lauan ( Shorea contorta ), and Tanguile ( Shorea polysperma ). The rainforest has around 190 species of other plants, including numerous herbs and bushes. Of the avifauna , 65 species of birds have been described in the nature reserve, including 63 species that breed in the area. Migratory birds that use the area are the barn swallow ( Hirundo rustica ) and the brown shrike ( Lanius cristatus ). Very rare and endangered birds by the IUCN are the blue-necked parrot ( Tanygnathus lucionensis ), the Tariktonic hornbill ( Penelopides panini ) and the panayhorn ( Aceros waldeni ).

There are around 10 species of mammals in the area, including the Visayas pustular pig ( Sus cebifrons ) and the Prince Alfred deer ( Cervus alfredi ). It is also home to five species of the fruit bats, including the golden crowned fruit bat ( Acerodon jubatus ). Of these, three species are endemic to the Philippines. Various reptiles and amphibians also occur in the nature reserve, including the reticulated python ( Python reticulatus ), Dasia smaragdyna , gecko gecko , the common kite ( Draco volans ) and the Platymanthis dorsalis , a frog .

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