Burgos Tour 2006

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Final result after the 5th stage
winner Iban Mayo 15:45:32 h
(42.642 km / h)
Second José Antonio Pechar novel + 0:49 min
Third Daniel Moreno + 0:51 min
Fourth David Herrero + 0:54 min
fifth Alexis Rodríguez Hernández + 0:56 min
Team evaluation Euskaltel-Euskadi 47:19:02 h
Second Comunidad Valenciana + 0:08 min
Third Relax GAM + 1:43 min

The 28th Burgos Tour took place from 6 to 10 August 2006. The bike race consisted of five stages with a total distance of 672 km. The fourth section was the queen's stage with a mountain finish in Lagunas de Neila , which is 1,853 m high .

The Burgos Tour is part of the UCI Europe Tour and is classified in the 2nd HC category.


stage Day Start finish km Stage winner Overall rating
1st stage 6th of August Briviesca - Medina de Pomar 178 Aaron Kemps Aaron Kemps
2nd stage August 7th Aranda de Duero - Roa de Duero 158 Carlos Torrent Tarres Carlos Torrent Tarres
3rd stage 8th August Lerma - Lerma 13 ( EZF ) José Iván Gutiérrez José Iván Gutiérrez
4th stage August 9 Vilviestre del Pinar - Lagunas de Neila 149 Iban Mayo Iban Mayo
5th stage August 10 Miranda de Ebro - Burgos 174 José Iván Gutiérrez Iban Mayo

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