Canalis tarsi

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The canalis tarsi ("ankle canal ") is a bony tunnel located within the ankle . It is bounded by the sloping sulcus tali of the ankle bone and the sulcus calcanei of the heel bone . Toward the outer margin of the foot, the channel extends at the outer ankle in a funnel shape to the sinus tarsi . At this point, behind the belly of the extensor digitorum brevis muscle , the skin subsides in the form of a shallow pit.

The interosseous talocalcaneum ligament , which stabilizes the lower ankle, lies within the canal or sinus tarsi . In the area of ​​the sinus tarsi, the outer (lateral) limb of the lower extensor ligament ( retinaculum musculorum extensorum inferius ) starts .

Acute or chronic overuse of the ankle (" twisting ankle ") can lead to painful inflammatory changes known as canal or sinus tarsi syndrome .

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