Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize

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The Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize ( English Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize for Applications of Mathematics by Carl Friedrich Gauss ) is a science prize in applied mathematics .

The prize, along with the Fields Medals and the Nevanlinna Prize, is presented at the biennial International Congress of Mathematics (ICM) to a mathematician whose work has a significant impact on areas outside of mathematics. The prize is awarded jointly by the International Mathematical Union and the German Mathematicians Association . The prize is financed from surpluses from the ICM 1998 in Berlin and consists of a medal and prize money. Not to be confused is the Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize with the annually awarded Gauss Prize of the German Society of Insurance and Finance and the German Association of Actuaries .

In 2006, the Japanese Itō Kiyoshi was the first to receive the medal with prize money of 10,000 euros at the ICM in Madrid .

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