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Carl Wirths (born December 10, 1897 in Elberfeld (now part of Wuppertal ), † June 16, 1955 in Wuppertal) was a German politician of the FDP .

Life and work

Wirths was born in Elberfeld in 1897 . After attending elementary school and secondary school, he completed training in the construction industry. Together with his father, he founded the construction company Carl Wirths & Co. in 1924 , which existed until it was dissolved in May 2004.

Wirths was also the editor of the Westdeutsche Rundschau , a daily newspaper in North Rhine-Westphalia that is close to the FDP .

Political party

Wirths joined the FDP after the Second World War . Within the North Rhine-Westphalian FDP, he was one of the opponents of the nationalist course of party leader Friedrich Middelhauve .


Wirths became a member of the advisory board of the city of Wuppertal in 1945 and was a city ​​councilor in Wuppertal from 1946 to 1951 and 1952 to 1955. He was a member of the state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia from October 2, 1946 to September 1, 1949.

In the first federal election in 1949 , Carl Wirths became a member of the German Bundestag , to which he belonged until his death. Due to an electoral agreement between his party and the CDU, he won the direct mandate in the constituency of Wuppertal I twice ( 1949 and 1953 ) . From 1949 to 1953 and from November 9, 1954 until his death he was deputy. Chairman of the Bundestag committee for building and land law and from February 9, 1950 until his death deputy. Chairman of the Bundestag Committee for Reconstruction and Housing. Wirths was the authoritative author of the Condominium Act of March 15, 1951, which was passed on an initiative of the FDP parliamentary group.


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