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Geographical location
Catoodden (South Atlantic)
Coordinates 54 ° 27 ′  S , 3 ° 19 ′  E Coordinates: 54 ° 27 ′  S , 3 ° 19 ′  E
location Bouvet Island
Waters South Atlantic
Waters 2 Mottesundet
Bouvet Island topographic map-en.svg
Map of Bouvet Island with Catooden Point  (bottom left)

Catoodden is a headland that forms the southwestern extension of Bouvet Island in the South Atlantic . It separates the Esmarch coast in the north from the Vogt coast in the east.

The first rough mapping was carried out by the German Valdivia expedition (1898–1899) under the direction of the zoologist and deep-sea researcher Carl Chun . A new mapping took place in December 1927 during the Norvegia research voyage under Captain Harald Horntvedt (1879-1946). He also made the naming, the further background of which is not known.

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