Cape Valdivia

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Cape Valdivia
Cape Valdivia.jpg
Geographical location
Cape Valdivia (South Atlantic)
Cape Valdivia
Coordinates 54 ° 23 ′  S , 3 ° 21 ′  E Coordinates: 54 ° 23 ′  S , 3 ° 21 ′  E
location Bouvet Island
Waters South Atlantic
Bouvet Island topographic map-en.svg
Map of Bouvet Island with Cape Valdivia  (above)

Cape Valdivia ( Norwegian Kapp Valdivia ; English Cape Valdivia ) is the northernmost point of Bouvet Island , a sub-Antarctic island under Norwegian administration. It is centrally located on the north coast, directly north of the Olavtoppen , the highest point on the island at 780 meters. To the west lies Cape Circoncision , which is connected to Cape Valdivia by the arch of the 5 km long morning bull coast . There are several cliffs in front of the cape. The largest is Gjest Baardsenstøtta . East of the cape is the Victoria Terrace Coast .

The name of the cape is reminiscent of the research vessel Valdivia of the German Deep Sea Expedition from 1898 to 1899, which for the first time precisely determined the position of the island.

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