Chadaloh II (Alaholfinger)

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Aargau and Augstgau in the 8th century

Chadaloh II. (Also Chadalhoh, Chadalous, Chadelous, Kadalhoh, Chadolt; † after July 31, 896) from the family of the Alaholfinger was at least between 890 and 894 Count in Augstgau and Aargau , between the Upper Rhine and Aare in today's Switzerland . He was a confidante of the East Franconian King Arnulf of Carinthia and secured the Augstgau and Aargau against King Rudolf of Burgundy .

In the Albgau in the southern Black Forest he was also declared a count in 890, whereby he either shared this area with Count Adalbert the Illustrious or possibly only officiated there temporarily during an absence or temporary removal from office of Adalbert.

Individual evidence

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