Rudolf I (Burgundy)

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The kingdoms of Upper and Lower Burgundy and the Duchy of Burgundy in the 9th / 10th. century

Rudolf I († October 25, 912 ) was king of Hochburgund ( Transjurana ) from 888 to 912.

Rudolf comes from the Burgundian branch of the Guelphs and was the son of Count Konrad von Auxerre .

After the ousting of the East Franconian King Charlemagne , his empire fell apart, and Rudolf, who had ruled here as Margrave of Transjurania since 872, let himself be King of Burgundy in 888 in Saint-Maurice-d'Agaune proclaim and was also recognized by Emperor Arnulf of Carinthia . He died after a peaceful reign.

The stronghold he founded included the later Free County of Burgundy , western Switzerland, Basel , Valais , Aosta and parts of central Switzerland.

He was married to Willa von Burgund, probably a daughter of Boso von Vienne , the king of Lower Burgundy ( Cisjuranien ), with whom he had four children:

In 912 Willa married Count Hugo von Vienne, who became King of Lower Burgundy in 924 and in 926 as Hugo I, King of Italy .