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Cheiro (born November 1, 1866 in Dublin , † October 8, 1936 in Hollywood ) was an Irish occultist , chirologist , numerologist and author of forward-looking works.


Cheiro , who claims to be descended from the Norman nobility , was born in Dublin (Ireland) as William John Warner . However, he took the name Count Louis Hamon at an early age . His pseudonym Cheiro is based on the concept of chiromancy (English cheiromancy , the art of palmistry ).

Cheiro saw himself as a clairvoyant who combined palmistry, numerology and astrology into a system of prediction and supposedly came to remarkable results. At a young age he traveled to distant countries to acquire the secret knowledge of the old masters. After many years of searching, he then returned to London to pass on his knowledge.

Cheiro was considered the greatest and most successful palm reader of his time and was a guest of many well-known personalities. He read the hands of Mark Twain , Sarah Bernhardt , Mata Hari , Oscar Wilde , Grover Cleveland , Thomas Edison , General Kitchener and William Gladstone and came to remarkable results. Allegedly he said the date of death of Queen Victoria , the year and month when King Edward VII would pass away, the fate of the Russian tsar, the assassination attempt on King Umberto I of Italy, the assassination attempt on the life of the Shah in Paris and much more ahead.

After many years of creative work in London and many trips around the world, Cheiro emigrated to America. There he spent his final years in Hollywood and died in 1936 at the age of 69.


Parts of his books have also appeared in other languages. In his Book of Numbers he published his extensive knowledge of numerology , including his interpretation of 52 double numbers. The “Cheiro Method”, in which letters are systematically assigned to a number, became very popular. In his autobiographical book "Cheiro's Memoirs: The Reminiscences of a Palmist Society" he described his interviews with King Edward VII, William Gladstone , Charles Stewart Parnell , Henry Morton Stanley , Sarah Bernhardt, Oscar Wilde , Friedrich Max Müller , Blanche Roosevelt , Joseph Chamberlain , Robert G. Ingersoll , Ella Wheeler Wilcox , Lillie Langtry , Mark Twain, Richard Croker, Natalia Janotha and other prominent figures of his age.

Works (selection)

  • When Were You Born?
  • You and Your Stars
  • Cheiro's Language of the Hand (1897; in German 2012 Numerology. The secret of numbers , Aurinia Verlag, Hamburg 2012, ISBN 978-3-943012-71-2 )
  • Cheiro's Guide to the Hand
  • You and Your Hand
  • Cheiro's Palmistry for All
  • Cheiro's Book of Numbers
  • Cheiro's Book of World Predictions
  • True Ghost Stories
  • A Study of Destiny (1898; also called The Hand of Fate ).
  • Secrets of the Hand - Your Past, Present and Future (in German The secrets of the hand - recognize your past, present and future )

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