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Choker is a game for two people that combines elements of chess and poker .

Game material


Phase 1

On the chessboard the kings are placed on e1 and e8 as well as a white pawn on e2 and a black pawn on e7. The players alternate between white and black, with white acting first, corresponding to the dealer button in poker. Each player has to place a minimum bet (" blind ") and then receives two cards face down. This is followed by the first betting round, as in poker, in which the players can fold, check, raise or call, depending on the value of the cards received. If both remain in play, two more cards are dealt face down and the second betting round follows. After another card, the third and final betting round takes place.

The following revaluations or devaluations can occur with the cards issued:

  • A third pawn on one hand is upgraded to a rook, a fourth and fifth pawn to queens.
  • In a full house (three and two of a kind, called "Empress" in the choker), one of the three cards is upgraded to a queen.
  • With a straight (five different cards, called “Palace” in the choker) the pawn is upgraded to a queen.
  • If two or more queens are drawn, they are devalued to pawns.
  • More than two towers, bishops or knights drawn are devalued to pawns.

Phase 2

If neither player has passed at the end of the betting rounds, cards that have been up and down are exchanged and then the chess pieces in hand are alternately placed on the chessboard by the players. Pawns may not cross the fourth row and pieces may not cross the second row.

Phase 3

The resulting position is played as a blitz game according to the usual chess rules. The winner receives the pot , in case of a draw the pot is split.

Style of play

Choker can be played with a suitably prepared card game or online. The chess grandmasters Hikaru Nakamura and David Howell appear as testimonials for a corresponding mobile app .

Individual evidence

  1. Nakamura on a tough year, Fortnite, Choker & more ,, November 12, 2019

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