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Christian Feest, 2015

Christian Fenimore Feest (born July 20, 1945 in Broumov , Czechoslovakia ) is an Austrian ethnologist .


Christian Feest studied at the University of Vienna and received his doctorate there in 1969 on the subject of “Virginia Algonkin 1570-1703. Ethnohistory and Historical Ethnography ”(the work is only available in typescript). He completed his habilitation in 1980 at the University of Vienna with a thesis on “ Drinking and Drunkenness in Indian North America. On the question of the social and cultural aspects of alcohol consumption ”. Against this background, he soon became a leading expert on the North American Indians .

From 1987 to 2007 he was editor of the Review of Native American Studies . He initially worked as an employee at the Museum of Ethnology in Vienna, then became Professor of Ethnology of North America at the University of Frankfurt am Main . From 2004 to 2010 he headed the Museum für Völkerkunde in Vienna and taught at the University of Vienna . Christian Feest has two brothers, Johannes Feest and Gerhard Gleich .

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