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Christoph Börker (born September 5, 1936 in Magdeburg ) is a German classical archaeologist .

After studying Classical Archeology, Classical Philology and Ancient History in Munich and Berlin , Börker started his PhD thesis on November 16, 1965 . Doctoral thesis of research on architectural ornamentation from the imperial period in Greece . He then received the one-year travel grant from the German Archaeological Institute and during this time traveled to almost all Mediterranean countries. He then worked as a university assistant and from 1975, after completing his habilitation in classical archeology, as an assistant professor at the Free University of Berlin . He received a call from the University of Erlangen as C2 professor for Classical Archeology at the Klaus Parlascas chair in 1980 and took up the position in 1981. After Parlasca left, he briefly took over the chairmanship in 1990 until Peter Kranz became full professor in 1991. On September 30, 2001, Börker retired.

Börker has been a corresponding member of the German Archaeological Institute since 1979 and has been a co-founder since 1991, and later as President, a member of the German Society for the Promotion of Underwater Archeology .

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