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Christoph Fasbender (born June 2, 1966 in Kassel ) is a German specialist in German and mediaeval studies . Since 2009 he has been Professor of German Language and Literature History in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times at the TU Chemnitz .


From 1986 onwards, Fasbender studied German and art history as well as German and Protestant theology for the higher teaching post at the University of Göttingen with the first state examination in 1994. He was a research assistant at Albrecht Schöne on his commented Faust edition and the publication of correspondence from Georg Christoph Lichtenberg and by Jens Haustein and Karl Stackmann on the publication of the poetry by Frauenlob . In 1995 he was at the University of Jena Jens Haustein, where he with a thesis on 1998 Jakob von Paradis doctorate was. The habilitation followed in 2007. Since 2009 he has been a professor in Chemnitz. From 2009 to 2012 he was Dean of the Philosophical Faculty and from 2012 to 2016 Vice Rector for Teaching, Studies and Further Education.

In 2006, he discovered a small part of a hitherto unknown revision of the Wigalois by Dietrich von Hopfgarten from around 1455 in the library of the Evangelical Ministry in the Augustinian monastery in Erfurt .


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Individual evidence

  1. Dissertation: Jakob von Paradis: De apparitionibus animarum separatarum - investigations into the Latin and vernacular tradition and reception .
  2. Habilitation thesis: The “Wigelis” Dietrich von Hopfgarten and the narrative literature of the late Middle Ages in Central Germany .