Condor 55

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Boat dimensions
Length above : 5.59 m
Length WL : 5.0 m
Width above sea level : 2.24 m
Draft : 0.35 - 1.10 m
Mast height : 8.65 m
Weight (ready to sail): ≈ 950 kg
Weight (ballast, keel): 200/278 kg
Sail area
Mainsail : 11.0 m²
Genoa : 10.5 m²
Spinnaker : 29 m²
Rigging type: Sloop

The Condor 55 is a small, trailerable sailing yacht based on a design by the engineer Helmut Stöberl.

The small cruiser was manufactured by the Klepper shipyard in Rosenheim from 1974 . In the meantime (until 2012) it was built by the Albatros shipyard in Rottweil, Zimmer. Its designer Helmut Stöberl designed a number of other well-known sailing boats, including the Condor variants 8, 9, 70 and 80, as well as Monas , Dyas and Trias .

Versions and construction

The Condor 55 is offered with a lifting or swivel keel . While a crank on the mast base is used to raise and lower the keel in the lifting keel variant , the swivel keel can be operated from the cockpit. The lifting keel variant is said to have the potential to sail higher up the wind .

The lifting keelers were initially built with a ballast portion of 200 kg. After the capsize safety was criticized in a test by the magazine Yacht (issue 19/1977) , the keel weight was increased by 78 kg. A subsequent test ( Yacht , Issue 5/1978) confirmed that the problem had been resolved.

Modifications during production

The following modifications to the Condor 55 during production are known:

  • The hatch to the companionway to the cabin was initially designed as a folding hatch; this enables it to be raised parallel to the cabin roof. This was later expanded to include a locking option. Current models have a sliding hatch.
  • In the first models, the plug-in bulkhead was made of wood, later plexiglass was used for this .
  • The foot rail was originally made from teak. On newer models, it is a molded part of the deck.
  • The cabin height has been 119/124 cm for years (cabin floor to cabin ceiling / cabin floor to folding hatch). This distance has been increased for new models.
  • at the time of production by the Albatros shipyard, the shape of the hull was also changed. It became less voluminous at the front to reduce the pounding.

Individual proof

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