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The rigging is a way of describing sailing vehicles through the arrangement of masts and their equipment with sails . This alone can be used to designate ship types , but these are often refined by combining rigging and other properties such as the description of the hull . Even in the area of ​​rigging, some boats or ships can be assigned to two groups, so the optimist is both spritz- and cat-rigged. Using certain words in this context sometimes creates new definitions in the sense of a technical language . So fully rigged means that a mast is equipped with square sails along its entire length.

Number of masts
possible sail types more detailed description Category in Wikipedia
Cat boat Brek Marshall.jpg Cat rigging 1 ≥ Schratsegel without headsail .
470 sailing.jpg Sloop 1 Schratsegel A mast with a mainsail and foresail . Most common type of rigging of modern leisure yachts. Category: sloop
Cutter rigging-2.png Cutter rigging 1 Schratsegel A mast with mainsail and possibly topsail as well as two or three headsails
Boat Sailing up Padma River Bangladesh.jpg Spray rigging 1 ≥ Spritsail
Etoile Molene.JPG Ketch 2 Schratsegel The front mast is higher than the rear mast, the rear mast is within the construction waterline Category: Ketch rigged ship
Galeas 2 Schratsegel another name for a ketch Category: Ketch rigged ship
Sailing Vessel Odyssey.jpg Yawl 2 Schratsegel front mast higher than rear mast. the rear mast is outside the construction waterline Category: Yawl
Half brig 2 Forage and square sails another name for a schooner brig Category: Brigantine
Brigantine Brigantine 2 Forage and square sails Square sail on foremast; a gaff sail on the rear main mast and a square sail above Category: Brigantine
Schoonerbrigg Schoonerbrigg 2 Forage and square sails On foremast with full square sail rigging; on the rear mainmast only sling sails Category: Brigantine
Eyeofthewind.jpg brig 2 Forage and square sails all masts are fully rigged Category: Brigg
Reaper in sail.jpg Lugger rigging 2 ≥ Lug sail front masts can be folded down, the small mizzen mast is set extremely far back.
Thor Heyerdahl Kiel2007 6.jpg More beautiful 2 ≥ Forged or square sail front mast smaller than or equal to the rear mast Category: schooner
ATENE in the fjord under sails.jpg Gaff saver 2 ≥ Schratsegel like schooner , but only stay or gaff sails Category: schooner
Snow-rig.jpg Schnau 2 ≥ Forage and square sails The gaff sail of the main mast does not have a tree, the gaff and the luff of the gaff sail is driven on a thinner spar, the Schnaumast , attached behind the mast . Category: Brigg
SMS Ayesha.jpg Topsail schooner 2 ≥ Forage and square sails Foremast with a Rahtop made of Bramrahen, possibly Marsrah Category: topsail schooner
Alexander von Humboldt ship all sails.jpg Barque 3 ≥ Forage and square sails Full square sail rigging on the front masts, gaff sails on the last mast Category: Bark
Mercator op zee.jpg Schoonerbark 3 ≥ Forage and square sails Fully rigged square sail on the front mast, the other masts carry stay or gaff sails Category: Schonerbark
Barquentines 3 ≥ Forage and square sails Another name for a schooner bark , formerly a schooner bark with an additional yard stop on the main mast Category: Schonerbark
Hermaphrodite barque 3 ≥ Forage and square sails Another name for a schooner bark Category: Schonerbark
Bar schooner 3 ≥ Forage and square sails Another name for a schooner bark Category: Schonerbark
Bundesarchiv DVM 10 Bild-23-63-20, sailing training ship "Niobe" .jpg Jackassbark 3 ≥ Forage and square sails front masts fully rigged, rear masts pitched sails, provided that there is an odd number of masts, middle masted pitched sail and square top Category: Schonerbark
Sailing ship Fridtjof Nansen 1.jpg Polka Bark 3 ≥ Forage and square sails Gaff sails on all three masts and square top on the two front masts Category: topsail schooner
Dar Młodzieży.jpg Full ship 3 ≥ Forage and square sails All masts are fully rigged, the aft mast also has a gaff sail (mizzen sail). Category: Full ship
Rig of Vinnen ship.jpg Vinnen schooner 5 Forage and square sails A special form of the top sail schooner from the shipping company FA Vinnen & Co. , Bremen, which combines a square and square sail in a special way. Five-mast gaff schooner, which also drove three square sails in the style of top sail schooners on the fore and middle mast. Category: topsail schooner

Note on the column number of masts: "≥" means "or more".

Individual evidence

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