Conops flavipes

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Conops flavipes
Conops flavipes

Conops flavipes

Class : Insects (Insecta)
Order : Fly (Diptera)
Subordination : Flies (Brachycera)
Family : Bladder Flies (Conopidae)
Genre : Conops
Type : Conops flavipes
Scientific name
Conops flavipes
Linnaeus , 1761
Female of the species dark wasp thickhead fly ( Conops flavipes ). The theca on the abdomen is clearly visible , the thorn-shaped enlargement of the sternites 5 and 6 with the help of which the eggs are attached to the respective host

Conops flavipes is a species ofthe bladder-head fly family (Conopidae). It is the most common type of the genus in Central Europe.


The flies reach a body length of 9 to 13 millimeters. The basic color of the body is blue-black. There is a black keel on the underside of the face, the forehead is yellow on the sides. The black antennae , like the large proboscis, are longer than the head. The third part of the antennae is occasionally brownish. The shoulder bumps on the front of the thorax and the holders are light yellow, the scutellum is black except for the yellow tip. The legs are yellow-brown, with the thighs ( femora ) each wearing a wide dark ring. The abdomen has a pair of small yellow bumps on the side of the first segment, slightly bulging yellow bands on the second to fourth segment and is pale yellow dusted on the fifth and sixth segment. In females, the underside of the face shimmers white and only the second and third abdominal segments have a narrow yellow band on the rear edge.

Way of life

The species occurs in Europe , Central and East Asia . They can be found in open terrain, for example on meadows, roadsides and on dry grass . The adults fly on flowers in Central Europe from June to August. The larvae develop parasitically in the nests of dark bumblebees ( Bombus terrestris ) and bees of the genus Osmia .



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