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Cophyla tuberifera

Cophyla tuberifera

without rank: Amphibians (Lissamphibia)
Order : Frog (anura)
Subordination : Neobatrachia
Family : Narrow-mouth frogs (Microhylidae)
Subfamily : Madagascar narrow -mouth frogs (Cophylinae)
Genre : Cophyla
Scientific name
Boettger , 1880

Cophyla is a genus of the frog from the subfamily of the Madagascar narrow -mouth frogs (Cophylinae) within the family of the narrow-mouth frogs (Microhylidae). It was merged with the genus Platypelis in 2015.


The pupils are horizontal. The tongue is large, oval, with entire margins and freely liftable at the back. The palatal teeth are arranged in two small, closely spaced groups behind the line connecting the choans . The eardrum is not very clearly visible. The fingers and toes are webbed together. These do not intervene between the metatarsi of the 4th and 5th toes. The tips of the fingers and toes are widened to form adhesive discs and have t-shaped or y-shaped bony terminal phalanges. The precoracoid are weak and lie on the coracoid . The omosternum is missing. The sternum is a small plate of cartilage. The transverse processes of the sacral vertebra are moderately widened.


The genus is endemic to Madagascar . The species of the formerly independent genus Platypelis live in the north and north-west of the island, the other species, which are assigned to Cophyla , are distributed in the north-east and south of Madagascar.


The genus Cophyla was first described by Oskar Boettger in 1880 . The distinction to the genus Platypelis , described by George Albert Boulenger in 1882, was based on a few skeletal features that are subject to a wide range of variation in narrow-mouthed frogs. Peloso et al. in their molecular genetic study, which was published in March 2015, could not determine a clear monophyly of the two genera and have therefore synonymized them under the name Cophyla . Several authors who are intensively researching Madagascar's frog fauna, however, do not agree with the merger. Therefore, species are still described in either one or the other genus.


The genus currently has a total of 23 species.

As of June 23, 2020

In the genus Cophyla there were six species before they were merged with Platypelis :

Up until this point in time, the genus Platypelis comprised 13 species, which are now included in Cophyla :

Two more species were described in 2019.

  • Cophyla ando (Scherz, Köhler, Vences & Glaw, 2019) as Platypelis ando
  • Cophyla fortuna Rakotoarison, Scherz, Bletz, Razafindraibe, Glaw & Vences, 2019

Two types were added in 2020:

  • Cophyla ranjomena (Glaw, Scherz, Rakotoarison, Crottini, Raselimanana, Andreone, Köhler & Vences, 2020) originally described as Platypelis ranjomena
  • Cophyla laeta (Rakotoarison, Scherz, Köhler, Ratsoavina, Hawlitschek, Megson, Vences & Glaw, 2020) originally described as Platypelis laetus

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