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Crème double [ ˈkrɛːm ˈduːbl̩ ] ("double cream"), also double crème , is a particularly rich, sweet and creamy, cookable and spoonable cream product with a fat content of 40 to 55%. Crème double is a cream with a higher fat content, it is used to refine soups , sauces or desserts and for baking .

In the German milk product ordinance , double cream is not expressly mentioned as a cream product , but quark and cheese are called double cream level .

In Switzerland , according to Art. 70 letter c VLtH, the fat content of double cream must be at least 45%. A well-known type of double cream is the so-called “Crème double de la Gruyère” (Gruyère double cream) from the canton of Friborg , the fat content of which is generally around 50%.

As a substitute product, mascarpone can be mixed in equal parts with whipped cream .

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