Crash Canyon

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Television series
German title Crash Canyon
Original title Crash Canyon
Country of production Canada
original language English
Year (s) 2011-2013
Breakthrough Entertainment
length 22 minutes
Episodes 26 in 2 seasons
genre Comedy
First broadcast May 3, 2011 (Canada) on Teletoon
first broadcast
March 5, 2012 on MTV

Crash Canyon is a Canadian animated series that was produced from 2011 to 2013. She tells the story of the Wendells who accidentally drive their van over a cliff and fall into a rocky gorge on their way on their family vacation.


On the way on their family vacation, the Wendell family accidentally drives their van over a cliff and falls into a rocky gorge. When they are in the canyon, they realize that they are not alone. The same misfortune has happened to other people over the years who are now stuck there. Now the family has to deal with crazy people like a ventriloquist, a man in a coma, a British punk rocker, an old lady with her bear, an astronaut with a monkey and many other people, while they keep trying in vain to find a way escape from the ravine.


  • Norm Wendell: The peace-loving head of the Wendell family and a mechanical engineer by profession. He is more or less successful in building devices to survive life in the canyon or to enable people to escape from the canyon.
  • Sheila Wendell: Norm's wife and, in contrast to him, temperamental and aggressive. However, she is a caring mother.
  • Roxy Wendell: The Wendell family's teenage daughter. She is very biased by herself and hates being trapped in the canyon more than the others because she doesn't get the social affirmation here that she was used to outside.
  • Jake Wendell: The enterprising son of the family who uses every opportunity to be able to make everything for tea (official currency in the Canyon) and who is not afraid of small frauds.
  • Vernon Wendell: Norm's third cousin. Because of his overweight, he always moves on an electric scooter and keeps away from any physical work. His favorite activities are eating and insulting others in the canyon. Therefore it is unpopular in the canyon.


The German synchronization is created for a dialogue book by Stefan Eckel and the dialogue director of Marion von Stengel by the synchronous company Studio Hamburg synchronous in Hamburg .

role Original speaker German speakers
Norm Wendell Patrick McKenna Tetje Mierendorf
Sheila Wendell Jennifer Irwin Marion von Stengel
Roxy Wendell Bryn McAuley Simona Pahl
Jake Wendell Joanne Vannicola Patrick Bach
Vernon Wendell Patrick McKenna Tim Grobe
Sid butane Dwayne Hill Hugo Egon Balder
Emily Butane Joanne Vannicola
Mace butane Shoshana sparrow Nadine Heidenreich
Sly butane Gil Anderson Tobias Diakow
Butch butane Tarah Consoli Henning Nöhren
Reginald Manderbelt Martin Roach Volker Hanisch
Beverly Manderbelt Marium Carvell
Royce Manderbelt Dwayne Hill
Pristine Manderbelt Jajube Mandiela Julia Riedler
Vaughn Manderbelt
Sarah Shoshana sparrow Daniela Reidies
Nallappat Brajabashimayum / hand puppet Robert Missler
Widow Mcgurck Robert Missler
Earl Michael Lott

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