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Customizing ( English to customize = to adapt , the correct English term is customization ) is the expression for the adaptation of a series product to the needs of a customer .


Customizing is an Anglicism that is mainly used in the German- speaking area . The verb to customize is derived from custom. Customizing accordingly means adapting a product to the individual wishes of the customer and can be translated in German as personalization , individualization of a product or customer-specific adaptation . This can be done for a single product, but for some years it has also been increasingly applied to industrial products in the mass market . If the actual manufacture of the individualized product takes place using mass production techniques , this is called mass customization . The most pronounced form is pre-customizing , i.e. H. Selecting the adjustment based on defined specifications. Another variant is self-customizing , in which the customer actively changes the product.

Product groups



1953 Ford Customline, chopped custom

Customizing vehicles is used to increase performance , but also to all other wishes of owners, from the installation of huge music systems to the implementation of style ideas, such as the visual design of a van in knight or pirate style using paintbrush and accessories, to conversions for hunters, such as the Installation of holders for hunting weapons and a tub for hunted game.

A distinction is made according to the type of vehicle : scooter : custom scooter , motorcycle : custom bike , car : custom car . Also license plates are a type of vehicle customizing.

Kustom Kulture has existed in the USA since the 1950s . Various subcultures influenced and were influenced by the Kustom Kulture: Rockers , Mods , Scooterboys .


A person's personally perceived quality of life is highly dependent on the environment in which they live. The apartment plays a central role here. The need to express one's own individuality led to the trend for personalized furniture . In addition to many pre-customized products, such as B. printed stools from Werkhaus , also the possibility of self-customizing , like the chair from Modu Chair .


In the last few years there has been an ever-increasing range of products on the Internet from which products can be ordered individually. This ranges from your own perfume to individually made sneakers and jewelry . Individualized musical instruments can also be purchased in musical instrument making. Depending on the interpretation of the term, handicraft activities tailored to the customer, such as B. the tailoring of clothes, can be understood as customizing.

Virtual goods


The software can be adapted through program changes ( individual programming ), through the setting of parameters ( parameters (IT) ) or the configuration, i.e. the selection of the modules ( module (software) ), can be influenced.

In large projects, the effort for adapting the software and adapting the organization to the standard software can be very high. The adaptation can either be done in-house or by a service provider, who is often also the manufacturer of the software.

In the area of ERP software such as SAP ERP , customizing means all adjustments that are possible without programming. Additional adjustments are called adjustment programming and can be divided into in-house developments and modifications. In-house developments are supplementary individual developments that do not interfere with the standard of the software. Modifications, however, affect the standard program code. Adjustment programming is associated with considerable additional effort, which, especially in the case of modifications, also results in the loss of the update capability.


In addition to classic software, there are also virtual goods on the Internet that can be adapted to customer requirements. A well-known example is the browser game FarmVille , in which the appearance of objects in the game can be changed. In many role-playing games there is also the possibility of giving your character a completely individual look using a character editor and various costumes or other equipment such as weapons.



For some years now, there has also been a trend towards individualization in food. In the meantime, a wide selection of foods (muesli, juices, tea or coffee, jam, chocolate and gummy bears) can be designed according to your individual ideas via the Internet.

After the start of the industry pioneer Mymuesli , a further 57 customized food providers had started up in Germany by May 2011. Around a fifth of them had to shut down again, but the trend towards individually tailored foods continues.

Animal feed

Also in the field of animal nutrition, products are created around the pet that make it possible to respond to the assumed nutritional needs of animals. The US market is a pioneer with RedMoon Custom Petfood . Several providers are now also represented on the German market.


Some vendors of bulk goods, e.g. B. Personal care products or chocolates offer to print the packaging with an individual image. This form of customizing is offered in particular for typical gift items.

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